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Company's tarhet and orrientation. | LiLaDa JSC - Thiết kế, thi công, trang trí nội thất, Màn vải cao cấp, màn sáo văn phòng, nội thất gỗ
Company's tarhet and orrientation.

Currently, Sanding Fashion has had about 12 retail shops operates in Ho Chi Minh city scattering in many district. Its target in in the next 3 years (2011-2014) is to broaden its retails network to 14 shops as a whole which is also seen as a sufficient number for a city.

Besides retails shops, Sanding is also having its products distributed and sold in many wholesale stores and suppermarket chains such as Metro, Saigon Coop and BigC. Its ambition in the short term of 2 to 3 years is not only increase the quantity and the value of the order selling to these wholesales markets but also continue finding and exteniding its business whith other new start-up and potential wholesalebusiness. In December 2011, Sanding will begin it new market expoloration by sending its products to be sold (in the mode of the deposite and discount) in SaTra Suppermarket chain.